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Simpletour takes you into the fresh nature of the valley floor and allows you to reach the locality of Orrido di Sant’Anna, where there is the narrow rock gorge that delimits the Cannobina Valley from the Cannobino torrent, dominated by a Roman bridge, that can be attributed to the emperor Augustus and the church of Sant’Anna built in the 3rd century AD.

Basically it is the place where the geological history of Cannobio began. The most favorable position to enjoy a dip in fresh pristine waters and meditate on the grandeur of nature.

There is also a beautiful restaurant with cantilevered balconies on the gorge.

Going up the road that climbs up the Valle Cannobina just outside the town of Cannobio, we come across the “Fonte Carlina”, the most famous of the numerous springs in the area. The source takes its name from San Carlo Borromeo, archbishop of Milan, who, according to legend, cured thanks to the beneficial properties of this water.
In 1867 a mineral water bottling plant was built and an hotel with a hydrotherapeutic establishment, frequented by nobles and famous personalities of the time. Over time both the establishment and the hotel had mixed fortunes, until they were finally closed in the mid-twentieth century.
Recently, the area in which the Fonte Carlina is located has been arranged and equipped with a rest area. Anyone can stop at the source and take free water that flows at a temperature of 10 degrees.

Another place that can be visited with “LADOLCEVITACANNOBIO” is the Ponte Traffiume area, a fluvial bathing area with a captivating atmosphere. In summer, the climate of this place combines the mild warmth of Lake Maggiore with the fresh, sometimes pungent, wind that flows from the Cannobina Valley into the village.

The village of Traffiume is far older than that of Cannobio; in fact, the historian Polybius, giving the dimensions of Lake Maggiore, makes us imagine that the waters of the lake touched the current town, that thus constituted the obligatory passage towards Switzerland.

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