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Sant’Agata is a fraction of the municipality of Cannobio, located at 470 m. above sea level.

Its foundation is as old as that of Cannobio and dates back to the colonization of Imperial Rome; at the time the residents were occupied in sheep farming and mountain farming.

It is also called “The balcony on the lake”: due to its elevated position it offers a splendid view of the village of Cannobio, of Lake Maggiore and of the Canton of Ticino with its mountains.

Walking through the streets of this village is particularly pleasant, because once reached, you can access it only on foot and you can find an atmosphere unchanged over time; it is like making a journey in the past centuries, discovering step by step realities established over the centuries.

Proceeding on the road that leads to Mount Jupiter, mountain that overlooks Cannobio, we reach the locality Marcalone at an altitude of 1000 m. s.l.m.

Here we find a farm where you can taste typical food produced on site, enjoy a wonderful view and breathe the fine and fresh air of the Prealpi di Cannobio.

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