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Old Town

Old Town is a tour that allows you to visit the most characteristic places of the village of Cannobio, exploring the historical streets and monuments present since Roman times.

Parco Lido (Park Shore) is the main public beach of Cannobio.
Located at the mouth of the Cannobino Torrent, it has all the necessary services for bathing.

Also for the year 2018 it results to be one of the cleanest beaches in Italy, awarded with the title of BLUE FLAG

Piazza Lago (Lake Square) is one of the most historic places in the village of Cannobio.
In ancient times these buildings were the residences of the inhabitants of the village as well as shops, storage areas for fishermen’s boats and warehouses belonging to the families of the lake traders.

Nowadays, however, it is the tourist center of the town, where you can find: restaurants, bars, craft and art shops, always refreshed by the summer breeze typical of our landscape.

Via Castello (Castle Street) dominates the Piazza Lago and was the street that allowed access to the residences of the shops on the Lungolago.

In the upper part of the street you can see the villas belonging to medieval lords, dedicated to trade between the two shores of the lake and the nearby Switzerland.

The Sanctuary of S. Pietà (Holy Mercy) was formerly an inn where in the twelfth century the known miracle of the Santissima Pietà took place.
Legend has it that one evening during a storm a painting depicting the Pietà of Christ began to bleed and in the following days a rib came out proportionate to the painting. On the inn was then built the Sanctuary where the Sacra Costola (Holy Rib) is still preserved today.

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